When I think back to secondary school English I always think of Romeo & Juliet, probably because it was the best story that we studied. One of the most famous questions he asked in it is What’s in a Name?

Two weeks ago I launched Narration in one of Cork’s historic venues Father Matthew Hall and explained the story behind my wishbone logo. The wishbone is a symbol for Osteogenesis Imperfecta which is a bone condition that I suffer from having broken over 50 bones in my lifetime. Narration is a about telling a series of stories, so for me I had to start with my own story.

I now hope that I can inspire others and especially get people to fundraise for Enable Ireland‘s Cork Children’s Centre. If you are a business who are willing to fundraise for the centre I will give free consultancy to help.

Thanks also to Isla Media for putting the video together for me. Stephen

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