Nominee for the Cork Digital Marketing Awards 2022

We are delighted to have six Cork Chamber Digital Marketing Award nominations between Narration and our clients.

Stephen’s 24 Stories community is nominated for the Best Content Creation and the Best use of Digital Marketing for the Greater Good for his 24 Stories Podcast series. Have a listen to the podcast here.

Also, we are happy to share that our clients Cogan’s Toyota have been nominated in both Best use of Twitter and Best use of LinkedIn categories for Business.

The brand Experience Myrtleville which we worked closely with Paul and the Bunnyconnellan Restaurant team to bring to life has been nominated for the Best Social Media Campaign.

DexGreen Ltd is nominated for the Best Transformation and Best LinkedIn. Narration helped this telecommunication company to expand from traditional marketing to digital marketing over the past year.

Last but not least, Douglas Village Shopping Centre is nominated for the Best Use of Instagram.

Well done to all our clients and good luck to all companies who have been nominated.


Zippin’ Up The Summer Media Night.

We were delighted to host the media night in Zipit Cork which is located just 20 minutes from Cork City in Farran Woods. It was great to watch people experience the forest adventure, meet new people and a good chance to create content!

Not only did the Narration team have fun at the event but especially some of Cork’s well known faces such as the actress Demi Isaac from The Young Offenders and Emma Coffey founder of the athleisure brand Finalbend. Influencers like Roisin Lane and Helen Murphy as well as the athletes Gary O’Sullivan alias Spike and Rob Heffernan joined us. Cork’s 96FM breakfast presenter KC came with his two daughters. This is just a few of the names who came along on the night to take to the trees.

Gary ‘Spike’ O Sullivan, his daughter along with the FinalBend team including Emma Coffey (Founder)

As always, the Zipit were professional and spreading their great energy to help the event go smoothly.

Zipit Cork has five different courses with different levels of difficulty. After you finish zipping through the trees, you can enjoy a stroll through Farran Park, a local coffee truck serving locally roasted coffee and sandwiches, wildlife and even some lovely local icepops from Cork brand Popsicle.

At Narration, we love organising events like this. They can be a powerful tool for any brand that wants to spread the word locally or even nationally. If you are interested in hosting a PR event, reach out to our team today.

experience myrtleville

Experience Myrtleville

Experience Myrtleville is the result of turning a place into a brand. It is supposed to give people an idea of how work and life can be positively united in this amazing place called Myrtleville.

A few months back we sat down with Paul O’Brien the owner of Bunnyconnellan and the Lodge Bar to discuss how they could promote the opportunity to visit but also work in the beautiful village that is Myrtleville in Cork.

We had a number of meetings with his great team and came up with the idea of creating a destination brand called Experience Myrtleville. This coastal haven is just over 30 minutes from Cork city centre.

Over the last few months we have worked with Paul’s team on creating a brand that would encourage people to EAT, WORK, PLAY.

So, as the Tourism sector reopens fully after the easing of covid restrictions we are delighted to launch a new website that we created with the help of Jason Coughlan.

We are also delighted that the guys at Isla Media brought our vision to life in an incredible video that capsulates the brand of this coastal community.

Head Chef, Adam Kavanagh with the culinary team from Bunnyconellans & The Lodge pride themselves on using locally sourced and sustainable produce.

Experience Myrtleville is about creating a more enjoyable and less stressful workplace for employees whilst also attracting more visitors to this “town of the small harbour” only 20 minutes from Cork City.

Tap here for further information on the Experience Myrtleville brand.


Irish Podcast - 24 Stories

24 Stories Nominated for Irish Podcast Awards 2022!

24 Stories is a tribe for storytellers in Cork. A community founded by Stephen Ryan. Throughout the episodes, we bring entrepreneurs from small to big businesses who are here to tell the inside story of how they built their brands. 

24 Stories is shortlisted for the Bullseye Award which honours the podcasts that are producing exceptional listening experiences for niche audiences and those underrepresented in other Irish media. Open to shows with under 5,000 listens per episode.

Here is what Stephen has to say about his recent nomination. 

Follow Stephen on LinkedIn here


Chris Kubbernus joins Irish TV and Social Media Influencer Vogue Williams as one of many familiar faces that will be telling their story at the very first 24 Stories Conference at Fota Island Resort on March 22nd

Chris has been named by Forbes magazine as the number one business expert on snapchat having built up a large following giving people advice on building their brand and how to excel at content marketing. In recent years the Canadian has built the very successful digital agency Kubb & Co in Copenhagen and speaks at several marketing conferences around the world every year.

24 Stories is a new marketing conference in Cork that is aimed at helping people create better stories for themselves and their business. Founded by one of Cork’s well-known marketeers Stephen Ryan, the conference will get to hear fascinating stories from a variety people across different industries including TV, Film, Music, Retail, Tech, Digital and much more.

“Marketing to me is more about engaging with people that selling them things, therefore good stories are essential” said Stephen Ryan who was previously head of marketing at both Fota Wildlife Park and Cork’s RedFM. Stephen set up 24 stories in October as a new network for people interested in Marketing in Cork where they can listen to regular talks on topics related to marketing.

The 24 Stories conference features 4 keynote speakers who will all give their own unique perspective on how marketing is impacting on them. In addition to Chris Kubbernus the other keynote speakers include LinkedIn expert David Petherick from Scotland and one of the country’s best corporate Storytellers Jack Murray of All Good Tales and renowned tv personality Vogue Williams who will talk about life as a social media influencer having amassed over 500,000 followers on Instagram.

In addition to the 4 keynotes there will be two panels one will be on “building a brand in a digital age” and the other will be on “what makes a great video”. The panels will include Cork entrepreneur Pat Phelan, Cork Singer Songwriter Stephanie Rainey, creator of Hoziers “Take me to Church” video Brendan Canty, creator of the recent Ed Sheeran Lowden Guitars video Billy Cummings, former RTE & BBC producer Marie Toft and Deirdre Corcoran from chapter.

In addition to the morning conference there is also an option to attend afternoon workshops on Facebook, Presentation Skills, Video, LinkedIn and much more. Tickets for 24 Stories can be booked via

Special discounts available on request for charities, students, startups and groups

24 Stories Cork Cover Photo

What is 24 Stories?

Over the last 4 years I have been lucky enough to teach over 1,000 students in the areas of digital and traditional marketing in both CIT and UCC. These students have ranged in age from 15 to 65 and in each case there was a common ground. They loved to hear stories. Anytime I spoke about my industry experience, anytime I brought someone in from industry and anytime I brought in a live case study the students came alive.

I felt this on its own was a great way to develop continuous learning especially for those who are no longer in 3rd level education but also for businesses who are doing it on a day to day basis. This idea was backed up by many individuals who had already graduated but wanted to continue to develop their skills in marketing. A lot of them said that Cork was lacking enough events to do this.

The aim of 24 stories will be to bring people together in small classroom type environments and cover 4 key topics each month.

Balance is the key to success and I honestly believe that students & graduates can learn from individuals & businesses. The opposite also applies as in one case you have hands on experience where as the other side you have academic experience.

  • To qualify for students you will have to be currently studying at some form of third level institute.
  • A graduate is anyone who has graduated from a third level institute in the last 24 months.
  • An Individual can be anyone including sole traders or business owners who will not be sending any other employee.
  • A business will have the flexibility of changing the person who attends the events. So if someone is on holidays they can replace them with another employee

During the year members will be able to attend:

  • 8 Talks
  • 4 Workshops
  • 2 Conferences

All of the talks will take place at The Blue Suite which is above Warren Allen Coffee on Maylor Street right in the heart of Cork City. The workshops and conferences will take place at various locations.

The talks will take place at various times throughout the week to give people options. Talks will last for 2 hours with a 24 minute coffee break in between to give people a chance to network. There will be a maximum of 4 talks each month and members will get an option to pick which one they would like to attend based on a first come first served basis as each talk will only have a capacity of 24.

Across the year workshops will be announced of which you can attend a total of 4 in the year. There will be 2 conferences every year in March and September (TBC) that will be also open to the public via tickets. But remember 24 stories members will get to attend the conference for free.

Across the year we will have storytellers coming in to talk from a variety of backgrounds

  • Creativity will look at graphics, video, the spoken word, performance and much more
  • Insights will look at case studies, data, analytics and much more
  • Digital Marketing will look at Google, SEO, Social Media, Email Marketing and much more
  • Traditional Marketing will look at Print, Radio, TV, Cinema, Outdoor, PR and much more.

So you might be wondering what is the cost of all of this…. well it is:

  • €120 + VAT for Students (Currently studying at any level)
  • €240 + VAT for Graduates (Graduated from any course over the last 24 months)
  • €360 + VAT for Individuals
  • €480 +VAT for Businesses

You can register and pay via or if you prefer, an invoice can be sent to you simply email

If you don’t like reading all the text above you can watch the video

The Story Behind Narration

When I think back to secondary school English I always think of Romeo & Juliet, probably because it was the best story that we studied. One of the most famous questions he asked in it is What’s in a Name?

Two weeks ago I launched Narration in one of Cork’s historic venues Father Matthew Hall and explained the story behind my wishbone logo. The wishbone is a symbol for Osteogenesis Imperfecta which is a bone condition that I suffer from having broken over 50 bones in my lifetime. Narration is a about telling a series of stories, so for me I had to start with my own story.

I now hope that I can inspire others and especially get people to fundraise for Enable Ireland‘s Cork Children’s Centre. If you are a business who are willing to fundraise for the centre I will give free consultancy to help.

Thanks also to Isla Media for putting the video together for me. Stephen